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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bone Folders at the ready.....

We laughed so much last night at the class what naughty ladies you all are.
The night started well everyone was eager and ready with their bone folders and rulers but soon we were laughing and a mountain of tissues appeared from those crying eyes.I took alot of abuse from a visitor to my class about Julies cakes and special gifts for her classes is this true???
After many folds and a bit of wheeling and dealing our project began to take shape.A few people had to be rescued as they were too busy laughing and stuck things the wrong way but in the end everyone left with a completed _____ (sorry can't tell you what they made yet as we still have another 6 classes to go).
It was a great night though and I will scrap this photo with more details of the night over the weekend.
Have a great day