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Sunday, July 29, 2007


A wonderful place to spend a few days but not if you have a rotten cold. Hubby decided he wanted to go on Eurostar from Waterloo so we were up at the crack of dawn to get a train from Victoria to Waterloo East and then the Eurostar back past our house to France. I felt a bit rough on the way there but put it down to too much late night scrapping. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Did you know it's near enough impossible to get the any form of cold drug in Paris if you happen to mention you have asthma?? Despite protesting (quite strongly in a very sniffly voice) that I take medicine every time I have a cold, I ended up with herbal tablets (1 every hour until you feel better) and a nasal spray which contained the entire contents of the english channel (Pure sea water yuk!!!)

Anyway, cold aside we still managed to get out and about and see the sites. It was a complete novelty to be able to wear a short sleeved top and SUNGLASSES.

Here a few of the pictures.

We had a great time and as usual it went far too quickly.

It was soon time to board the Eurostar back to the rain. Never mind there's always nect year.