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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nearly time for bed.................

Well I'm nearly at the end of another long day. Up this morning at 6am and still up at 10.30pm. I must be mad!!!

A list of disasters have followed me around today. Started the day by taking a mounthful of Rice Crispies only to find the milk was off. YUK!! then spent 15 minutes turning the bedroom upside down trying to find a pair of tights that had no ladders. Decided to be good before going out and do the washing up by hand!! result - left sleeve soaking wet and dripping water all down my suit.

So, change cardigan, find shoes (one was in the car) and then at last out the door. Decided not to fill up with petrol just yet as now running late. Big mistake. Got caught in long traffic jam and only just made it to the next garage.

On arrival at appointment got out of the car and put shoe straight into deep pubble. I now have a wet foot, nothing to wipe it on and I'm late for my appointment.

After appointment came straight home. Well whats the point in tempting fate right?

Now I'm finishing off my altered book. I knew something had to go right for me today. I definately should have stayed at home today. Scrapping is much more fun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What a fantastic weekend..............

It has taken until this morning for both of us to get back to normal after a fantastic Crop this weekend. With the papers turning up late we were still working on the class kits as late as Friday night as well as packing up the shop. Here a peek at the projects we completed. You can see the full projects in our gallery.

We were over the moon at the end of the crop when one of our juniors, Nicola, gave us a hand made card as a thank you. She had made it herself in the card class and it was beautiful. Take a look for yourself.

Yesterday we got "the call" from customs saying that our USA delivery had arrived. We are so excited as this is the first really big order we have received direct from the suppliers, and so quickly too.

New goodies should start going on the site this week and we can then get the DT kits out. We know that all of the team are dying to get their hands on the new stash.

Karens in the shop today unpacking boxes. It's going to be another busy day.