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Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Not Disturb

Early start this morning, 4am to be exact. We were both wide awake and so decided to have our Rice Crispies and then snooze until 9am (yes we were late to CHA on the first day).

Spent the whole day cruising the aisles to find new and exciting products for you. Here is a selection of some of the goodies we have seen.

Then of course we bumped into a few people. This is Michelle from L'il Davis

And this is Julies new best friend Mr Cricut who says a big hello to Bev.

This evening we went to Downtown Disney for a wander. It was really crowded but we took a few interesting shots. Can you see Karen in the first photo?

I love playing around with the camera at night. You can get some really weird shots.

We took over 600 photos between us today, far to many to post, but you'll be pleased to know, we have some great ideas for classes and loads and loads of inspiration to pass on.

Love to all.xxxx