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Saturday, February 16, 2008

We found Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough with the scrapbooking, now we need loads of photos to scrap when we get home and what better place to get them than Disney.

We got up late this morning (it was nice to have a lie in). First stop Millies to see if Julies camera had turned up unfortunately for her it was not Millies that we visited yesterday but Mimis. We only noticed this after Julie had been in and asked if they had found the camera. So next stop Mimis to see if the camera had been found. It was worth a shot but no luck so..............

Next stop Disney. There's nothing like a fairytale to cheer you up and we had a fantastic day. Here are a few photos:

and then of course Julie found Boo. She has been searching ever since the first film came out and finding Boo made up for loosing the camera.

And of course there were the cakes. Yummy

And the out of this world window displays.

You know, even at our age Disney is still just a magical.

Well we fly home tomorrow so we won't have time to post again until we get back to the UK. Thank you to everyone who watched our journey on the blog and a big thank you to all those who visited Mum and jeannie in the shop. We're looking forward to starting on all the new and exciting classes and projects we've got planned.

See you all soon xxx