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Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's a new day

Karen is still asleep so I've sneeked down to the pool to start todays blog. It is 8.30am here and over 90 degrees. Who could ask for more.

Loads of lovely photos to show you tonight of the events and the grand finale last night.

So to the hotel. We are in the desert miles from most places and totally stuck until we hired a car yesterday. We have a lovely cherry red car which will do us nicely and if I can ever get karen out of bed, we will go out and have some breakfast in the desert.

This is a fantastic place with loads of room so even when it is full as it has been over the last few days, you don't feel claustrophobic. The noise levels have been extremely high over the last few days but it's all of us excited scrappers making new friends and has been great.

Here are the first photos of the day. Hope you like them.

Going back to the room now to wake up the sleepy princess. More later.