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Sunday, September 07, 2008

You've got to love Michaels

and we couldn't resist a quick trip in the car this morning, down the freeway to have a look around. We only did it so that I could get used to driving the car but we sort of ended up there and stayed there for a few minutes (hours).

Their theme at the moment is Halloween and we both wish we could bring it all home with us. Take a look

and the Americans really go to town not just with decorations but with animated figures which can frighten the life out of you as you walk past.

And then you've got the cute side

We loved the Scarecrows but we haven't got any room in the cases.

Oh and then we went shopping for food in Target. It's huge and we bought a few necessities, Rice Crispies, Milk, very large box of tea bags and

Well they did have a SALE on!!!

More later providing I can get karen away from the pool.