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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you realise just how talented young people are?

Well there are a lot of them out there and some of them come to our monthly kids class but the star of todays posting is Lianne Halfpenny.

A few weeks back Lianne came into the shop with her mum and told me she had to do a diary of her school trip to France. She wanted to make a scrapbook just like the ones her mum had made, for a class competition at school. Lianne knew what she wanted to do so she bought papers, embellishments and a stamp. She wanted everything to be blue white and red.

On Saturday Lianne came back into Scrapbook Sisters to show us her scrapbook. She had spent 2 weeks of her holidays completing the book and we were all really impressed with the detail and thought that had gone into it. I asked if I could share snippets of it with you so take a peek at Liannes Book.

Lianne didn't win the competition but I think you'll agree, she certainly deserves a big round of applause for her fantastic project.