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Friday, December 19, 2008

Have you ever tried.............

to take a group photo by just pointing the camera in the general direction because you have placed the camera in such a ridiculous place that you can't see through the view finder. Well, thats what I did on Thursday night when a group of us got together for a brainstorm.

The first time I just forgot to set the timer.

Then I forgot to adjust the zoom and put the flash on.

Then things just got really silly.

All I wanted was a photo where everyone was in the middle and I got one at last, but the zoom moved for no apparent reason so I got this.

Now we were all laughing so much everyone was crying so I gave up with this last attempt.

You'll be glad to know we did get some work done and hopefully you will see the results in 2009. It was a superb evening. Thanks ladies.