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Friday, December 19, 2008

NO clear diningroom table yet

but I am getting there.

It has been a really exciting couple of days. Something that Karen and I have had in the pipeline for at least a year is going to be launched very soon thanks to our brainstorming ladies yesterday, and over the next few weeks we are going to be working really hard to make sure it takes off with a bang!!!!

There are loads on new and exciting projects to play with and get ready, kits for the Design Team, a new Limited Edition Kit plus a really special trip to plan for later in the year when we hope to take some of our Scrappers abroad on an adventure. More details of that next year, along with how you can sign up for a really fun trip.

On top of all that we have plans to change the layout of the shop after the sale..........................

yes I said SALE - dates to be posted on the front page of the website soon along with Christmas and New Year opening times.

After yesterdays disaster with the camera I thought I'd have a play with my new one, just to see how it works. Here's introducing Clyde, my really soft and cuddly cat.

You can just see a blurry vision of my tree in the background. I am still trying to get a decent photo but I need to practice more. Will post a picture if I succeed.