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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Had a great day at Stamperama

with Jeannie, Sally and Gayle. Loads of stamps and other goodies plus the added bonus of regular weather reports from Jeannies DH telling us "It's snowing". We all got quite excited and then remembered we had to drive the 70 miles home. Still we all arrived in one piece with a few (ummmm some) bags of stamps and stash. Were we good? Not saying but I had a great time. Thanks girls - an off site brainstorm is always worthwhile and I think we all came away with some new ideas.

Thank you to the lovely lady who took this while we were all having a much needed tea/coffee break.

And of course a special thankyou to the security guard who first showed off her artistic skills with this photo.

And then took a real one "just in case".

Here's to many more days out.