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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a wonderful weekend

This was the first time we have both been away for a long weekend with friends and I'm glad to say we all had a fantastic time.

We left early Friday morning for a lazy drive to our little house in the country where we all met in the local pub while we waited to get the keys. Everyone turned up at the house at about the same time and we settled in after booking a meal at the local pub for early evening. That was one of the only times we ventured out in the cars, the other being our morning trip to Asda on the Saturday morning to get some goodies.

I think Asda was please to see us leave but heh we had a great time walking round.

Back to the house and serious scrapping until well into Sunday morning stopping only to take photos of the beautiful sunset.

Sunday morning it was up early to take photos of the birds outside

and then fried breakfast and wrap up warm as some of us ventured out into the countryside for a long walk.

And then, before Sunday dinner, a photo shoot in the back garden.

There was lots of laughter and tree hugging, obviously a new pastime for scrappers,

some careful hiding of wobbly bits

and some uncontrollable laughter.

We have never laughed so much and I still ache all over. Thank you to the BBF's for a wonderful weekend. Long may they continue. xx