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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paris Here We Come................

Right it's time to take this Paris trip in hand and get it booked.

From Monday there will be flyers in the shop about our planned trip to Paris. This will be in September and the plan is to leave on a Friday evening and come back on Sunday afternoon.

Hilary, one of our french speaking classmates, is in conversation with a parisien scrapbook shop arranging a class on the Saturday for anyone that wants to play.

Please remember the aim of this weekend away is to have some fun, drink, wine, take photos, explore, shop and generally enjoy ourselves.

By signing the form and returning it to the shop you are ONLY expressing an interest in the trip and not committing yourself. It is only to give us some ideas of numbers so that I can see how much discount I can get for a group booking. We realise that cost will play a factor in your final decision so not firm commitment will be expected until we can give a definate price.

Travel will be by Eurostar from either Ashford or Ebbsfleet (whichever is cheaper and available) and the accomodation will be clean but basic near to a metro so that we can explore.

Oooooooh I'm so excited. I love paris and after seeing Tim Holtz Video I want to go back soon.