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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Altered Art Book Class No2

Yes I know I promised Karens cards but I promise to show them tomorrow.It's just that we had such a great time at Saturdays class that I wanted to show off the pictures. Firstly 10 people turned into eleven (but that was my fault...oops) however once the initial chair and table shuffling had taken place we all settled down for a paint filled afternoon. Some of our classmates were beginners and some had taken the first class, but everyone got equally engrossed in their work and the results were awesome. Here are some of the pages in the making. I appear to be one short so if it's yours I apologise and promise to photograph your book next time you are in the shop.

It was great to see that, even though everyone had a page to copy, they all ended up with different pages.

Well done everyone and thank you for making it a great afternoon.