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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deco Pages can be scary

I have waited a while for my Deco page from Karen and when she gave it to me I was really pleased because it was a good idea for my theme, but there were 2 things that worried me. Firstly, and I know she did it for a joke, Karen used a Magnolia stamp for the girl on the swing and I am not a fan as she well knows.

However, the second thing is much more sinister...........What is lurking in the tree????

I've put the page away in my Deco Page book now but I have to go and look every so often to see if the "thing" hiding in the tree, is still there :)

And all that aside. here is another lovely Deco page by Maisie (her first one) for Suecanncrafts theme - Poetry. The poem is The Smugglers.

Nice one maisie and welcome to the swap.