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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I’ve Been Had......

I knew this was going to be an interesting evening when out of some large bags came cupcakes, “Big ones, small ones and some as big as your hat”.

The occasion was Sylvies Birthday and we were all given specially made hats and noses.

I didn’t even twig when asked to take this photo of Sylvie and Lynne

For those of you who came to Hempstead Valley, this should start to ring a bell.
The evening progressed and I spent most of my time being sent for different items stashed at the other end of the shop. We all enjoyed scrummy cupcakes during the evening.

I still didn’t twig but I was becoming a bit paranoid at all the whispering and coughing which seemed to start as soon as I either entered or left the room.

Just before the end of the evening it was suggested that we all have out photo taken with the layouts that had been made in the class. Michael very kindly agreed to take the photo

Even though he couldn’t stop laughing.

Then they decided to show me their layouts by sitting me on my own and revealing the photo we have been dreading.

I cannot believe that I sat with these friends for 2 hours scrapping and did not see what they were all up to. I never laughed so much.

These are the 6 layouts. I hope you like them Julie. And I would like to make a special mention to Jenni who couldn’t be there and Jeannie for a fantastic prank.
All I can say afraid, Be very afraid......

Here are the girls finished layouts using that horrible photo.....

Oh and one more photo for luck. Thanks Ladies......