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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yes I know it was an age ago and loads has gone on since then, but at last, over the next few days Scrapbook Sisters will be showcasing some beautiful and extraordinary shoes made by some very clever people.  The original challenge came about after an article in Craft Stamper a few months ago. THe magazine sold out immediately and after the challenge was set, shoes started to arrive in the shop.

I don’t think we’ll put names to them until all of the shoes have been shown. I will put two on per day in no particular order, weather permitting (photos are being taken in the garden).

So without further ado here are we go……….

Number One

This beautiful sandal is decorated with tiny shrink plastic butterflies which catch the light and sparkle.



Number Two

The main part of the shoe on this one is stamped and painted.

bP1090382 bP1090381

There are loads more scrummy shoes to come so keep checking back.