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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A fantastic evening

was had by all. Thank you to everyone who came along this evening and for the fantastic food which went down a treat. As you would expect we took loads of photos and here are just a few. These are the ones from my camera. I know that Karen and some others have loads as well and I will try to put them on here as a slide show later this week.

Lets start with the food and especially the Vol au vents. Notice the space on the plate. This is Karen's favourite party food and this photo was taken seconds after the foil was removed from the plate. I wonder where the missing Vol au vents went?


Next we have the plates for those who like their food in separate compartments.


And a few of the room. Its once to see everyone having a good time.

a034  a045

a051  a056

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a group of people, including yourself, in a small room with the camera perched on a table. Well it’s not easy as you will see from the following photos.

a071  a072

a076  a081

a089  a094

And finally one of the whole group. Yes I got it right in the end.


Hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did. xxx