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Friday, January 27, 2012

New Release

Yes we had another Gayle Bond stamp launch class this evening and Gayle made some lovely cards.
Here are a few photos to tickle your fancy and four of the new Digi Stamps are already on the website and ready for download. The rest will go on over the next few days.
Heart Hearts Digi Stamp
Gayle designed these cards specifically so that you can cut out the heart , oval or circle apperture and put your own picture, artwork or stamp it.
In this card example Gayle has cut out the heart and then attached strips of ribbon behind the heart creating a bar effect. This then allows you to thread an arrow through the ribbon to complete the card.
Heart Leaves Digi Stamp
In this example we have cut out the heart and woven red dotty ribbon on the reverse of the apperture using masking tape to hold it in place. Then take a cotton wool pad (Usually used for taking make up off) and attach to the back pushing gently into the ribbon to "Pad it". Lastly cut a square of white card and neatly cover the pad so that the inside of the card looks neat.
Heart Swirls Digi Stamp
In this example the heart has been cut out. Next make a small collage using a script stamp and distress inks. Stick this behind the heart apperture and then add a butterfly. TIP if you make a larger collage on a piece of paper you will have enough to use for the stamped butterfly as well.
Oval Flowers Digi Stamp
To make this card you will need two prints of this digi stamp printed off. Cut the oval apperture out of the main one and then colour the flowers in your chosen colour. Colour a few chosen flowers on the second sheet and cut out the flowers. Stick the flowers in place on the original using glue in the middle only. When dry, bend the petals upwards. lastly add your photo.
We’ve had a great evening. Don’t forget to keep coming back to check out all of the new releases over the coming weeks. xx