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Monday, February 06, 2012


sue upson dt photo
Sue is another valued member of our Design team and like the rest of the talented team, has her own style and a wonderful imagination. Having known Sue for ages I know that she is her own severest critic and often throws cards away if she is not satisfied with the end result.
We asked her a few questions so you could get to know her better.
1. What is your favourite tool? - Tough to choose, but probably my Copics - do they count as a tool?! If not then I'd say my Tim Holtz scissors, they are the MOST comfortable scissors ever!!

2. What is your favourite technique? - Colouring is up there, but I am getting more and more into distressing

3. What colours do you like using most? - I really like blues, especially when mixes with browns and kraft shades, gorgeous!! I struggle with pinks!!

4. Name your favourite embellishment? - I have to pick one!!! Ribbon, but followed closely by flowers and buttons... ooh and gems, and I love using pins too, they look really classy!!

5. Do you ever buy a card and why? - Yes, my kids Christmas cards. I made them one year and got halfway through and wish I hadn't started!! I also buy a card for if they are invited to birthday parties by their school friends
6. What occasion do you not like making cards for? - No-one likes making sympathy cards, but they give comfort at such a sad time, but thankfully I don't make too many of them! Overall I don't like making cards for men, apart from my HB, Dad, FIL they don't seem to notice!!
7. What occasion is your favourite for making cards?  - Probably Baby and Wedding cards as they tend to be kept as keepsakes and I think that is lovely! Other than that I do like getting an image to suit the recipient - either their interests, clothes, mannerisms or colouring

8. Tell us three things about yourself:
I craft on the dining table, I'd like a craft room but think I'd miss being with the rest of the family!
I nearly gave up crafting a couple of years ago, thank goodness I didn't!!
I work to fund my craft habit!!

9. What do you predict will be popular (name a technique or style) in 2012 in the cardmaking world? - I think the steampunk trend will continue, and that digi stamps will continue to grow in popularity. I think colours will be softer and styles will be more feminine and romantic.
10. What card size do you use most and why? - I tend to make 15cm or 13.5cm square cards, or A6. I don't make A5 cards very often as my head just can't get round the proportions!! Occasionally I'll make a shaped card, and love them when I do so I should make more of these!!
We asked Sue to send three or four of her favourite cards from 2011 to share with you but Sue couldn’t make up her mind so here are five scrummy examples of her work..
You can see more of Sues work on her blog “I can’t draw but I can do this”.
Thank you for sharing Sue. We look forward to seeing all of your lovely work in 2012. xx